iGA: Joint Committee to Oversee Selection of ‘Are You At Home?’ Winners

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27 Apr 2020

A committee including representatives of the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the Ministry of Information Affairs, and technical societies has been formed to oversee the random selection of the winners of the ‘Are You At Home?’ program on Bahrain Television. Five daily winners will be selected from among the contact numbers registered in the BeAware app, each of whom stand the chance to win BD1,000. The winners will be called by the program’s hosts during segments aired throughout the day. The committee will provide the contact numbers of the winners and oversee the contacting of these individuals as well as the software used in the selection process.

The iGA is offering its support to Bahrain Television and the ‘Are You at Home?’ program, which aims to reward those practicing social distancing by ensuring transparency and fairness in selecting the winners. This includes a process through which the TV program’s team sends an electronic signal to randomly select 10 contact numbers without other details such as the names and locations of the individuals being apparent to them. Employees of iGA and other government entities directly linked to developing or managing the app or TV program are excluded from the competition.

The data of users registered in the BeAware App are confidentially stored and encrypted with the iGA and will not shared with any party for any reason. The information that will be provided to the TV program is limited to the phone numbers of the winners randomly selected from those registered on the app. In the event that a call is not answered or the owner of the number expresses an unwillingness to participate in the competition, no data of the owner of the number will be revealed. A feature will soon also be added to the BeAware app that allows registered individuals the ability to opt out and delete their names from competition’s random selection process.

The iGA praised Bahrain TV and ‘You Are At Home?’ initiative, which supports the efforts of the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus and helps to encourage families to adhere to the principle of social distancing. The iGA also offered its thanks to citizens and residents who downloaded and registered themselves on the BeAware Bahrain application for the sake of their own safety and that of their families and community. It renewed its calls for individuals who have not yet registered to do so soon. Available for both IOS and Android users, BeAware Bahrain can be downloaded through the e-government app store, bahrain.bh/apps.