About the Business LineThe Operations & Governance line is primarily responsible for providing security support and protection to the government network as well as maintaining and securing information security by Law Decree No. (9) for the year 1984 regarding the Central Population Register, some of which have been amended by Law No. 45 of 2006.
Each year, the administration prevents multiple attempts of penetrating the eGovernment's network using its dependant security systems, programs, and policies in order to ensure that information is protected from unauthorized access, while making sure that this information is secure and preserved, and is always available.
As requested by the Civil Service Council, the Department oversees the joint government services projects aimed at linking all government agencies in terms of the aspect of ICT, as well as insuring that the staff have the outmost knowledge in their field.
Due to the role of the department, the Kingdom of Bahrain is the only country in the Middle East to have an infrastructure that enables it to connect all government agencies and institutions to a state-of-the-art electronic network.
The Line is headed by the Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Governance, and the department structure includes Operations Management, Support and Maintenance of Government Systems, GIS Management, Corporate Governance and Institutional structures.
Since its establishment, the Department held many achievements, including the implementation of SOA (building and developing systems for government agencies), the establishment of a document archiving and management system, the creation of a Bahraini and Gulf ID card reader program used by all government agencies and private institutions, creating a program to send SMSs for users, providing all technical needs to vote during the elections, as well as converting ministries' servers to cloud computing.