About the Business Line
The Digital Transformation Line is responsible for developing the mechanisms of delivering public services to the government sector, individuals and business sector beneficiaries by utilizing Process Re-Engineering methodologies, side-by-side with Change Management methodologies, which is taking advantage of the significant developments in the information systems. The boundaries of the eTransformation processes of ministries and government entities do not end; the Information & eGovernment Authority cooperation extends in this regard to the private sector and civil society entities to participate in implementing the electronic initiatives that aim at providing integrated public services to meet the needs of users from all sectors.

The responsibilities of the directorate are not limited to IT and eTransformation initiatives as it plays a vital role in providing consultations and studies among comprehensive plans that improve the institutional performance of government entities according to international quality standards.
The Line includes the following directorates: Change Management & Business Process Re-Engineering Directorate, eService & Channel Development Directorate, and the Government Systems Development Directorate.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Study government re-engineering procedures, processes along with management of change agents.
  • Develop and technically support government electronic systems.
  • Contribute to the development of eServices of public entities and deliver them to the public via various channels.
  • Examine electronic systems and services as well as ensure their compliance with international quality standards.
  • Ensure effectiveness together with safety of electronic services and systems provided to users.
  • Deliver support and consultancy in fields of several government entities’ electronic systems.

eService Channels

The Information & eGovernment Authority facilitates the delivery of services at any time and from anywhere through multiple channels such as: