About the Business LineThe Statistics & Population business line aims to provide accurate and reliable statistical data and information based on international standards to support the planning processes, policy and decision makers, as well as to expand its scope, improve its quality and availability, and automatically equip them to governmental and non-governmental entities locally, regionally and internationally.
The Line adressed multiple sections including Demographic, Social, Environment, Economic Statistics, National accounts, Population Registry & Addresses, Identity Card, and Surveys.
The Line includes the following directorates: Population & Demographic Statistics Directorate, Economic Statistics Directorate, and The Identity & Population Registry Directorate.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Planning, preparing, and conducting population censuses and surveys. 
  • Gathering, reviewing, and classifying data related to new-borns, deaths, marriages and divorce cases. 
  • Gathering and analysing social statistics such as education, health, environment, culture, information, security, justice and others. 
  • Set indicators on Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Preparing population statistics predictions for periods between censuses. 
  • Providing studies about the movement of foreign trade in the Kingdom and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports on imports and exports; as well as reporting the financial and monetary sectors indicators. 
  • Providing information and indicators about prices and cost of living; regularly bringing out Consumer Price Index and preparing a monthly report.
  • Statistics of production sectors and indices thereon.
  • Conducting researches and studies related to economic recourses; and making analysis of totals of general levels of production, revenues, wages, prices, expenditures and the balance of payments. 
  • Contributing to setting economic policies through providing actual statistics and estimates. 
  • Strengthening the capacity of collecting and analysing the statistical data relating to national accounts 
  • Compiling and disseminating Annual and Quarterly National Account Reports, Integrated Economic accounts, sequence of accounts for all Institutional sectors.
  • Meeting the data requests and needs of domestic and international agencies and policy makers on National accounts statistics.
  • Establishing coherent and consistent national accounts, that integrated from macroeconomic accounts, budgets, schedules and indicators based on a set of concepts, classifications and accounting rules agreed internationally.
  • Developing an integrated infrastructure to meet the future Standard data dissemination standards.
  • Create a Central bank of the population information.
  • Coordination with government institutions on ways to obtain information on the population register.
  • Issuance of the personal numbers and ID cards for all Bahrainis and residents in the Kingdom.
  • Link all the information in circulation with population register and addresses register.
  • Commencing surveys on: Household income expenditure, tourism, establishment, labour force, health, foreign direct investment statistics, Employment and more.
eService ChannelsThe Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) provides its customers with complete, up-to-date and easily accessible online government data anytime and anywhere without fees or restrictions on usage or Publishing or re-publish through an integrated platform dedicated to open government data. 

The platform allows the ability to view, analyze and upload data feeds for research and reporting purposes for data users, with access to graphs ready for display and analysis, in terms of transparency and enhancing eParticipation.