The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) seeks to listen to your opinions and is interested to communicate with you on a permanent basis, receive your remarks and your assessment on all aspects of the work and performance of both services and eGovernment channels. To achieve this goal, the Information & eGovernment Authority provides several channels through which users can communicate effectively with it.

eParticipation Policy

The eParticipation Policy highlights the government's commitment to providing electronic participation and strengthening the use of social media channels to connect with the public. The purpose of the eParticipation Policy is to:
  • Ensure greater transparency, openness, and inclusiveness in government operations
  • Encourage constituent participation and facilitate public service innovation
  • Support the development of necessary rules and regulations that will regulate and monitor the usage and performance of eParticipation processes and tools
  • Be a reference and facilitate the clarification on the procedures and responsibilities involved in eParticipation process in the Kingdom
  • Raise the awareness and knowledge about eParticipation process in the Kingdom
Shaping Decisions through eConsultation
eParticipation channels enables an efficient transparent participation that connects our stakeholders, by giving them the opportunity to contribute through sharing their constructive feedback, commenting and suggesting, and engaging them in shaping ICT policies and digital transformation strategies. 

The public can share suggestions and feedback through social media suggest a or through The National Suggestions & Complaints System (Tawasul), or Tawasul app. 

Social Media Channels

The Information & eGovernment Authority is active on 5 different social media platforms to connect with our customers and stakeholders on a daily basis to receive their ideas and suggestions to improve eServices in the kingdom of Bahrain. 

Talk to us via social media!

Tawasul System and App

Connect with us through the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul) for any enquiry, suggestion, idea, or complaint which are all investigated and analysed ideas 

Live discussion blogs

Follow our Instagram account @iGAbahrain to take part in the live discussions that covers various topics from the latest eService & app to upcoming technology events & initiatives.

Participate in Decision Making
You can share your opinion or suggestion about the development of laws and legislations related to the ICT sector and other main sectors in Bahrain with your Parliament Member directly via the Council of Representative website.

Ideas generation & Co-Creation Workshops and focus groups are held with the participation of individuals, businesses, and civil society representatives to assist in developing eGovernment services and channels. This allows public access to government services and information and promotes their involvement in the development process.