Strategy For Adopting Modern Technologies In Information & eGovernment Authority

In line with the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030 and Government Plan 2023-2026, the Information & eGovernment authority has been instrumental in driving the digital aspirations of the Government of Bahrain to empower the public administration and enhanced public service delivery.

The strategy of Information & eGovernment Authority mainly addresses the accomplishment of the following:

  • Government service transformation by encouraging innovation through participatory adoption of both matured and emerging technologies.
  • Knowledge management and business intelligence through the dissemination of up-to-date and reliable, effective and responsive information
  • ICT Management and Governance through the adoption of emerging and matured technologies facilitating the value for money.

Information & eGovernment Authority, being the nodal entity in spearheading the Kingdom’s digital government initiatives, aims to help the government entities to identify the potential areas for the implementation of technologies such as Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence which offers a remarkable transformation in the public service delivery and citizen engagement. It is against this background, Information & eGovernment Authority is constantly exploring the potential of emerging technologies and evaluating its potential that provides wider positive impact on the citizen engagement as well as in public administration.

As on date, the commitment of iGA to promote technology driven changes has paved way to various innovative digital initiatives which includes but not limited to:

Information & eGovernment Authority, on behalf of Government of Bahrain, is committed to modernize the government ICT and lead by example in using cloud computing services to reduce costs, increase security, increase productivity and develop excellent citizen services. As a part of its commitment, IGA adheres to the Government’s cloud first policy and has set the strategy, plans and objectives along with the support mechanisms to ensure a wider adoption of government cloud first policy across the government entities.

  • Support Blockchain initiatives
Information & eGovernment Authority is to jointly establish a platform based on emerging technologies for the banking and financial sector to access Know Your Customer (KYC) data upon verified and authenticated channels after obtaining the customers consent electronically.

  • Artificial Intelligence initiatives
Information & eGovernment Authority is exploring the option of adopting the general Artificial Intelligence approach that could transform the customer engagement and employee experiences.