Alongside eServices, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) offers multiple value added services that include consultations, policy creation and project management support.

ICT GovernanceAs a key contributor in the ICT industry, iGA specifically emphasizes on ICT management by applying the main standards which support all government entities in learning and implementing the ICT management components to ensure the delivery of high-quality services.
Under the guidance and mandate of the Information & Communications Technology Governance Committee (ICTGC), the Authority provides the required support on ICT governance to all public entities.

Preparation and Implementation of ICT Policies As a major contributor in establishing ICT in the Kingdom of Bahrain, iGA is responsible for drafting and preparing most of the ICT-related policies to ensure standardization of government systems, processes, activities and the quality of government services delivered to the public.

Project and Program Management SupportiGA has been in charge of managing multiple national ICT projects by relying on its experiences of project and program management in this field and its ability of ensuring the quality of projects deliverables which leads to improving government performance and the quality of services developed for the public.

ICT Benchmarking StudiesOne of the major requirements of making any decision in the ICT field is to conduct a benchmark study in order to obtain more details on the expected risks and issues before and after the implementation. iGA considered this step a key for success; accordingly, it had been  successfully applied and benchmarked on most of the national ICT projects.