Strategic Objectives
  • Innovative human capital through IT
  • An environment that supports innovation, creativity and business intelligence
  • Availability of precise, accurate information
  • A technological environment that drives development
  • Effective and integrated processes amongst public entities
  • ICT Governance
  • Integrated eTransformation
  • A stimulating and supporting environment for effective communication with beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Diversified and sustainable financial resources
  • The management system that supports excellence in performance
  • Supportive and stimulating legislations
  • Reliable technology meeting needs and demands
  • Specialized human capabilities
  • Citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Investors, Businessmen, public entities, private organizations and employees
General Standards
  • Strive to provide accurate precise data, and update information available via our channels – as needed
  • We will ensure that our eServices are accessible 24/7 across our multiple channels including the National Portal with a readiness of 99%
  • The information & eGovernment Authority gathers the best-known security technologies to protect customer data
  • We welcome all suggestions and feedback on our service through the various communication channels such as the National Suggestions and Complaints System ‘Tawasul’, Authority’s social media accounts along with customers opinion surveys
  • We respect the rights of individuals and institutions in privacy and confidentiality of information
  • A mechanism is available to address grievances and provide necessary support to customers
  • We are keen to maintain the level of customer satisfaction regarding our services with a rate not less than 80% by conducting an annual national study to ensure customers satisfaction - ensuring continuity of delivering the best services. Additionally, the possibility of expressing the satisfaction level on eServices via the National Portal
  • We strive to provide high-quality services to ensure convenience of customers – saving them time and the trouble to visit service centers in order to complete transactions
Customer Complaints
We are committed to providing efficient, high-quality services and always look forward to improving our services to provide the best. We are pleased to receive your suggestions, feedbacks, and inquiries through the following channels:

  • The Government Services Contact Center available 24/7 on 8000 8001
  • National Complaints and Complaints System ‘Tawasul’ via Bahrain.bh/Tawasul or via Tawasul app
  • Social network accounts of the Authority @iGABahrain
  • Skype application to facilitate communication for individuals with hearing disabilities or with difficulties speaking to others.
We are always committed to receive all grievances, complaints, and suggestions as well as refer them to concerned departments for processing and responding.
The customer is contacted to become notified of the actions undertaken and if any delays will occur throughout the complaint process.