Services related to Vulnerable Groups
As part of its efforts to provide services targeting vulnerable groups and promoting equity within Bahrain’s community, the Information & eGovernment Authority is committed to providing services that cater to all the segment’s needs and leaving no one behind. The Authority recognizes the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to essential services, regardless of their socio-economic status or physical abilities.

The Authority provides various services for vulnerable groups, including a discounted fee for senior citizens when renewing their Identity Card with the option to deliver the ID Card through postal services for all users making the collection process more convenient and accessible. Moreover, iGA has also established a special office that provides all Identity Card services without the need to book an appointment for individuals that need special care.

Additionally, eServices are developed and made available by the Authority online through the National Portal, bahrain.bh, allowing all users to access the services easily and conveniently anytime and anywhere. The Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development provides services specifically targeted towards People of Determination through the “Disabled People Services”, giving users easier access to rehabilitation services, including vocational rehabilitation, academic rehabilitation, physiotherapy, daycare (rehabilitative classes), sheltered housing, and intermittent housing.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken significant steps to ensure that vulnerable groups have access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, and social welfare. These initiatives are a testament to the government's commitment to providing a better quality of life for all citizens and residents in Bahrain.

For more information and services related to vulnerable groups, please visit the “Social Welfare and Community” page on the National Portal bahrain.bh.