Dr. Zakareya Ahmed AlKhajahDeputy CE, Electronic Transformation

Dr. Zakareya Ahmed AlKhajah

Dr. Zakareya possesses over 20 years of practical and professional experience, out-of-which 10 years were spent at iGA. He has managed and implemented several specialized strategic projects in various public and private organizations, mainly those related to the development of government performance projects. In addition, he holds several positions in the fields of ICT, engineering of administration operations, membership of specialized national committees such as ICT Governance Committee and eGovernment National Strategy Committee. One of the iGA founders; he has also contributed to the development of policies, management procedures and processes, information system strategies, information security as well as quality of information and electronic systems.

Dr. AlKhaja has also held several positions in the media field through his work as a consultant for IT and electronic media projects as well as a contributor to various media organizations during his academic position in IT college at the University of Bahrain.

He supervises many administrative tasks together with internal and external committees. He is responsible for the implementation of a wide range of strategic projects including the development of the first and second eGovernment national strategy projects, implementation of eChannels infrastructure projects, engineering government services, financial support program, the Single-Sign-On project ‘eKey’, development of eServices, institutional structure programs along with national governance framework.