iGA Adds ‘Opt Out’ Feature to BeAware App Making Participation in “Are You at Home” TV Show Optional

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05 May 2020

In support of Bahrain Television’s ‘Are You at Home?’ program, which offers prizes throughout Ramadan to individuals staying home & in self-isolation as part of the reducing interaction , the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has added an option to its BeAware app allowing users to ‘opt out’ of participation in the competition. App users can choose whether to allow their phone numbers to be accessible by the program’s daily draws, which is conducted under the supervision of a joint committee which also includes the Ministry of Information Affairs , IGA and experts representing the Kingdom’s IT community to ensure the privacy and fairness.

Outlining the draw’s methodology, the iGA explained that an electronic request will be sent by the show’s organizers to a computer program which randomly selects 10 phone numbers of individuals registered on the app. Ensuring that there can be no interference from those in charge of managing and developing the system, the software makes available only phone numbers without revealing any other details of individuals such as their names and locations. The list of eligible participants excludes all employees of government entities directly linked with developing and managing the app or the TV show.

The BeAware app is in line with the iGA’s commitment to supporting the efforts of the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the health and safety of all citizens and residents. The iGA maintains the security and privacy standards of app users throughout all stages of its development.

The iGA emphasizes the importance of the BeAware app in maintaining the health and safety of the public through contact tracing and the monitoring of all home isolation cases. This is in addition to its role in providing updates on official local and global statistics related to COVID-19, as well as its listing of guidance issued by the Ministry of Health. The app can also be used to book drive-through sample test appointments.

The iGA urges all citizens and residents who have not yet done so to download and register themselves on the app for the sake of their wellbeing and that of their families. The app is available in iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the eGovernment Apps Store, bahrain.bh/apps