About the Business LineThe information Security and Radiocommunications sector consists of three directorates to primarily provide security support and protection of government network, maintaining confidentiality of information security and efficiently managing the radio spectrum as a national limited resource. Furthermore, provide a safer electronic environment for Information Technology and Radiocommunications without any interferences and cyber-threats in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Coordinate the process of backing core information security teams including monitoring, breach management, documented cloud, web applications security together with detection and intrusion systems in addition to malware protection and data leakage systems. 
  • Offer advice and apply necessary enhancements for cyber security services. 
  • Protect government IT assets from cyber-attacks along with Authority’s sensitive database.  
  • Management of advanced defense systems across all iGA networks and for all eServices. 
  • Review and examine electronic codes as well as programming lines of government websites, iGA services and projects. 
  • Contribute in implementing the systems and national platforms of documented computing which encourages the spreading of online transactions. 
  • Contribute in establishing documented computing systems and applications to utilize services of these systems in line with Authority’s standards and best international practices. 
  • Work with internal and external auditors in the process of reviewing the compliance of national and international related standards. 
  • Maintain the security and safety of premises and buildings of the Authority. Also, supervise surveillance cameras. 
  • Address cyber-attacks, attempts or security incidents on sensitive systems and networks. 
  • Timely and effectively evaluate risks to respond to attempts and security incidents as well as recover by collaborating response efforts with stakeholders. 
  • Conduct studies and research in various information security sectors to identify the most important advancements, latest risks targeting the region in general and the Kingdom of Bahrain in particular.  
  • Radio Frequency Licenses.
  • Wireless Equipment Type Approvals certificates.
  • Importation Approvals.
  • Maritime Services and Ship station Licenses.
  • Aeronautical Station and Aircraft Licenses.
  • Amateur  Radio License.
  • Companies dealing in Wireless equipment License.
  • Satellite Networks coordination with International. Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • Monitor & Identify the sources of harmful Interferences & illegal radio usage.
  • Study the radiocommunications sector for current and future radio spectrum needs and to protect national radiocommunication interests in international forums and organizations.
  • Develop national strategic plans for spectrum management over the medium or long term, taking into account international obligations under the Radio Regulations to meet the increasing demand for new and existing radiocommunication applications.
  • Provide the professional technical support for the Radiocommunication users and the international events in Bahrain.