Taqyeem Committee Discusses Government Center Assessments During Pandemic

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07 Dec 2021

The 2nd (Taqyeem) committee meeting in 2021 of the 3rd cycle of Taqyeem program was chaired by the head of the committee, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive, Mohammed Ali Al Qaed. The meetings have been held periodically, as per Taqyeem’s guidelines, first issued in 2018.

The committee reviewed an updated list of government service centers, following the closure of 17 of them and feedback received from the eight government organizations they fall under. The reduction is also a result of the government’s rapid digital transformation, which allows its entities to offer services online on a wider scale, instead of having to visit the centers in person.

In line with the latest customer service standards, the committee reviewed Taqyeem’s guidelines following amendments in five main areas: adherence to precautionary measures and guidelines of the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19); regulation of long shifts for service offering; promotion of digital platforms; customer flow management; and keeping pace with digitization strategies and overall government digital transformation, which reflects on the quality of services offered via customer service centers.

The members discussed holding workshops to raise awareness of the latest Taqyeem criteria among the government entities and gathering points of view regarding enhancing them to foster the government service offering though various channels and achieving excellence in serving the customers through the Service centers. The committee also reviewed its media plan, including digital content and strategies for recognizing centers that follow best practice. 

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