• Compatible with the latest technologies and in line with the international high-standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Advanced features utilizing the latest technologies in security to ensure the protection of the users data.
  • Enhanced look and feel, content of the chip as well as durable material used in producing the card and its resistance to damage.
  • Includes disability card.

Yes, below are main specifications:

  • The applicant photo must be in grey color background i.e. RED GREEN BLUE (RGB 168,168,168).
  • The applicant photo must be recent and not more than 6-months old.
  • The applicant photo must show the whole head and top of your shoulders.
  • The face must take up 70–80% of the photograph

No, issuing ID cards for Gulf nationals who meet the criteria requires personal attendance at the main ID card centers in Isa Town and Muharraq without the need for a prior appointment.

For more information and to learn about the official working hours of the ID Card Centers, you can visit ID card eServices on bahrain.bh.

No, you must renew the passport before applying for an ID card. You can renew the passport through the passport renewal service on bahrain.bh.

Yes, you can use your valid Identity Card as a travel document to GCC countries if your passport is expired.

For such cases, iGA has provided a Fast-track Lounge for those who do not wish to wait. The fast-track lounge provides services similar to those on Bahrain.bh as well as counter services with an additional BD 10 charge. For example, ID card renewal fees for Bahrainis is BD 2, therefore, the total cost including the fast track charge will be BD 12.

Electricity & Water Authority (EWA), Social Insurance Organization (SIO), Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs (NPRA) and Ministry Of Industry & Commerce (MOIC) are linked with the Identity Card Centers, therefore, information related to these entities are visible, and it will not be required to submit any supporting documents. The information update staff will require further documents at the time of the visit if needed. However, in cases where the person is not an owner of an electricity account, and is renting a property, the user will be required to provide a statement from the areas municipality to update the address to this property or the attendance of the electricity account holder to sign a no objection letter for this address. In all cases, Physical attendance is required.

The ID card (whether the present or former version) does not replace the driving license. Especially certain procedures which require in certain circumstance to withdraw the license when committing traffic violations – which is not applied on procedures related to identity cards as they are official documents which cannot be confiscated without a legal act.

Yes, the Fast Track Lounge is available for all categories.