About the Business LineThe Information Security & Radiocommunication line serves as the Radio Communication Authority in accordance with the Telecommunications Law No. (48) Of the year 2002 and thus the Directorate is responsible for the overall coordination of the spectrum in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Its prime responsibilities are to ensure that the rational and equitable use, effective and cost-effective spectrum available to all telecom services and users, taking into consideration the international technical standards for wireless devices. The Directorate also maintains the National Frequency Plan up-to-date and prepares the allocation table of spectrum to all telecom services, and reviews  the spectrum needs and plans of the stakeholder’s according to the global trends taking into account the requirements of economic, social and political aspects. In pursuit of the Directorate to create a safe and interference free environment for communications, the directorate  monitors the frequency bands and  locate sources of interference and cease it as soon as possible and  ensure that the Licensees are committed to technical standards restrictions that stated in the license certificate. 
The Directorate believes that telecommunications sector plays a vital role in the Kingdom; therefore, it reviews continuously its services to keep them enhanced, effective and up-to-date.  
The Line includes the following directorates: Information Security Services Directorate, Emergency Response Directorate, and Wireless Licences, Frequencies & Monitoring Directorate.

Roles & ResponsibilitiesThe Line is concerned with the issuance of non-commercial Frequency, Services and equipment licenses that include the following:
  • Short range devices Type Approvals 
  • Devices Type Approvals (Will provide information about this service later)
  • Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Importation Approvals
  • Marine Services and Ship station Licenses 
  • Aeronautical Station and Aircraft Licenses 
  • Amateur License 
  • Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Frequency Licenses 
  • Microwave Frequency Licenses 
  • Satellite Networks coordination with International Telecommunication Union (ITU)(Will provide information about this service later)
  • No Objection Certificates to Ministry of Industry and Commerce for  activities related to telecommunication
  • The competent professional engineers of the Directorate also resolve harmful interference problems that affect the frequencies.